When should you use patches?
You use the patches on tears, small or large holes. Otherwise, the risk is that the holes will become too large. You can also the patches for preventive purposes. Either as a cool detail or on the children’s clothing that are otherwise easily torn apart.
Can the patches be washed?
Yes absolutely. Normal washing at 30-40 degrees is normally recommended.


How to pay?
We cooperate with Klarna and can therefore offer invoice payment of 14 days, card payment, transfer or you can pay in part at your own rate.
How long do I have to pay the invoice?
Klarna offers an invoice payment of 14 days.
Do you do a credit check on invoice purchases?
Klarna makes a so-called “micro check” that is not visible when you apply for mortgages and other credits and in other words does not affect your credit rating.
Why can't I choose the option to pay for an invoice?
If you are wondering why you cannot choose to shop for invoices, please contact Klarna as they are the ones who handle the case. You can find their contact information at https://www.klarna.com.


How is my shipment sent?
We usually send smaller letters with the Post Office as a product parcel. Larger packages that will not fit in your mailbox will be sent to your Post Office and you will receive a notification via SMS or email when you can retrieve it.
How long does it take to receive my order?
Usually within 3-5 working days.
How long do I have to retrieve my package?
You have 14 days to retrieve it in case the package is sent to Post Office.
What if I don't pick up my package?
In case you have not collected your package, it will be returned to us. Since these returns cost us a lot of money, we will charge you GBP 20 according to current Terms & Conditions.

Exchange & Returns

How do I send back goods I ordered?
You can reach our customer service at info@patchfans.com or by using the form here and we will help you.
How do I do if I get a broken item?
Contact our customer service and we will help you with reclaim.


What if I have not received my invoice yet?
You can either log in to Klarnas website to see your orders, or contact them directly and they will help you. You reach Klarna at https://www.klarna.com.
Can I see if my invoice is paid?
Log in to Klarna to see your payments.
How do I change my due date on my invoice?
Log in to Klarna to see if it is possible to move forward the due date on your invoice.