Environment Policy

Traceability in production and manufacturing:

The patches that are sold include cotton, glue and synthetic material. We strive to only sell products that can be traced. Tracing makes it easier to compare and thus enables us to make better choices based on environmental aspects. But it is difficult as several aspects must be taken into account.

Delivery based on environment:

We strive to choose the delivery method based on environmental aspects. We therefore compare other aspects than just price.

Packaging based on environment:

Patchfans.com is an e-commerce site. We sell goods shipped within Europe. The goods are packaged and we strive to choose the packaging method based on environmental aspects. Price is important but not everything. We also want to, to the best degree, choose packaging that can be sorted. We want to avoid packaging that is not designed for recycling.

Travel & Meetings:

At meetings with people whom it might concerne (such as suppliers), we strive to choose environmentally better alternatives. For example, fossil-free means of transport are chosen if possible. We also suggest distance meetings via web or telephone whenever possible.

Source sorting in the workplace:

The waste that is produced is exclusively packaging. These are sorted by source and recycled.