About Us

Who are behind Patchfans.com?

Patchfans.com consists of 2 people named André and Niclas. We are currently only 2 people who have a direct connection to Patchfans. However, several hundred (if not a thousand) smart people contribute indirectly to the existence of the service. These partners are found all around the world, from the US in the west to China in the east and several countries in between.

The idea for Patchfans.com

The idea for Patchfans was born in 2019. The idea was very simple. We wanted to make stylish iron-on patches more accessible to more people.

Why Patches?

The majority of us Swedes have a lack of knowledge in textile care. Sewing patches and making pants or other textiles is something that is foreign to many. We rather throw away and buy new. Not mainly because we are lazy but because we do not believe we can fix it ourselves. We simply do not know how to repair and that it is actually very simple.

To iron on patches over ripped or teared clothes is not something people really think works. These ironable patches are more often associated witch marking of children’s clothing and that is a false assumption.

How did we think?

We thought this way … Let’s open a shop where we have mainly have patches and where we present the opportunity to patch and fix everything from pants, jeans, jackets to tents in an inspiring way – so that more people realize that it is possible to repair it yourself, despite flunking the sewing class. Our planet needs more of care and less environmental impact.

What have we done?

Said and done. Patchfans.com launched on Google in June, 2020. We are just at the start and have come a little way – but we are only at the beginning of something we ourselves believe has the potential to become No. 1 on textile repair in Sweden (and maybe even in the world ). But we start digging where we stand. We believe that.

Do you want to be a part of Patchfans.com?

We hope that you as a visitor choose to buy from us and that you, like many others, want to contribute to PatchFans existence. By becoming part of this movement you are helping more people be aware of that it is actually simple, neat and actually quite fun to patch and reuse. It’s very cheap too!