Texting Women

How The popular Booty Call falls

Most of us have got that friend whom are unable to put their cellphone down during the bar. The guy who’s got eight text talks with women going on simultaneously. You’re trying to get brand-new chicks, in which he’s just trying to nail on the ones he’s already got. You’re not amazed. He is being a sh*tty wingman. But you will provide to him — the text-message-to-bedroom method sometimes works. Often it doesn’t. Occasionally you will get turn off. And quite often the lady you’re talking to provides it in an entirely various path. Nevertheless requires much less undertaking than attempting to get on club.

We are trying to find some real text-message exchanges that skate around a hotwife dating site or sex issue. Those you’ve got at 2 a.m. that begin with, “Hey :)” and somehow end garnering an answer through the woman on the other side — whether good or bad.

Here are a few instances from… ahem… some guys we know.

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