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Welcome to Patchfans!

Patchfans.com is an online shop for us that are just that – Patch Fans! We love iron on patches and consider embroidery patches almost as jewelry. We love to look at cool patches online and will gladly order some when we find what we are looking for.

All of our patches at patchfans.com are iron on patches, and therefore easy to apply on clothes. Ironing on a patch is easy and an ironing guide always accompanies your orders.


At Patchfans.com you can buy several different – carefully selected – iron on patches. The majority of the patches on our site are the embroided kind. An embroidered patch is a piece of shaped fabric with stitched patterns. They are produces by machines and that’s also the reason the patches are affordable and the supply is so great. A large part of our patches are purchased from Asia but also other parts of the world such as Europe and the USA. Some patches are purchased from the UK.

As a visitor to PatchFans, you can scroll through all our patches or choose to search in a specific category. We have cartoon patches, animal motifs, patches for clothes but also jackets, vests and motorcycle clothing. We have popular patches for motorcycle riders and cool patches for those looking for something a little more rad. We have several cute patches and these are usually popular with parents with smaller children.

Our Patches

Patchfans offers a wide range of patches in several different categories. We´ll not be satisfied until you are satisfied and if you are satisfied you will find the patches you are looking for. We aim to offer a wide range of carefully selected high-quality patches and stylish motifs. Patch Fan Categories  are Edible | Kids | Vehicle | Flowers | Animals | Skulls | Flags | Hearts | Love | Music | Outdoor | Funny | Signs and Symbols | Smileys | Computer Games | Sports | Stars | Animated and Trendy. Initially, we will work up a basic supply and allow the supply to grow as we go along. In the not too long future, you will be able to find up to 3,000 different patches at Patchfans, which will make Patchfans one of the largest patch shop in the world.


On Patchfans.com you can also scroll around among a number of cool stickers. All stickers can be purchased as singles, but also packages containing several stickers. The stickers at Patchfans are made of vinyl. The stickers are also easy to detach from the surface without breaking. Here you will find black and white and colorful stickers. In addition, we offer transparent and really cool holographic stickers.